Ring pillows

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Wedding rings are the most important attribute of a wedding celebration. They are the main piece of jewelry in life: every girl dreams of meeting the one who will give her a ring, just like all the guys throughout their lives looking for that unique one to whom they want to give this magical gift...
Wedding rings are a symbol of love and a promise of fidelity to each other. Until they take their place on the ring finger, they need a beautiful place for storage, and here a wedding accessory such as a wedding ring pillow plays its role, because a real jewel cannot be just anywhere, right?
A ring cushion is just that beautiful wedding accessory on which wedding rings are stored until the moment the newlyweds officially become a family. Despite its small functional purpose, no wedding celebration is complete without this cute accessory!
It’s hard to believe, but in ancient times only rich people of noble origin could afford ring cushions, as they were considered a symbol of luxury and wealth. These accessories were made from expensive fabrics, always white, such as satin or brocade, embroidered with gold threads and precious stones and thereby emphasizing the high social status of the couple. Today, absolutely everyone can afford this exquisite accessory, and there are no longer any restrictions on color - it all depends only on the taste preferences of the newlyweds and the style of their wedding.
Cushions can be sewn from any fabric: satin and taffeta, even burlap, which, by the way, will be an ideal material for a wedding in the Rustic or Boho style. Cushions for rings can be beautifully decorated using satin or grosgrain ribbons, stitching and lace, pearls, rhinestones , crystals, beads, flowers and much more.
You need to choose this accessory based on the style and theme of your wedding. For example, if the wedding is planned in a delicate style, then the ideal option would be a light pink pillow trimmed with delicate ivory lace and various types of embroidery with rhinestones and pearls, brooches in the form of little angels, etc. For a celebration in Provence style, an accessory in a natural color using a sprig of mint and lavender in a soft purple hue is appropriate. The marine theme of your holiday will be perfectly complemented by a blue and white pillow trimmed with a satin ribbon and a small anchor, etc.
Remember, a ring cushion is not just a small and delicate wedding accessory, it is the beginning of a new tradition, because in many families it is customary to pass on a ring cushion from generation to generation, adding new details to it!
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