Wedding garters

A woman's garter is a very piquant part of a wedding dress; moreover, it also has a functional purpose: it is the one that the groom takes off in front of all the guests and throws it into the company of his friends. This gesture means that happy moment when a young man who catches a garter can invite any girl to dance, and she has no right to refuse him.
Actually. The bride should have two garters on her leg. And if the groom throws one of them, “Happy,” to the guys, then the other, “Honey,” he takes off himself, in the intimate atmosphere of the first wedding night. And here there is one more sign: if the bride chose a blue color for the “Honey” garter, then she wants her first-born - a boy, and if pink, then a girl, and if the garter is white, then she will agree with her beloved husband in everything.
Bridal garters are made from the most delicate fabrics: satin, thin lace, organza or silk. This accessory is always luxuriously decorated with rhinestones, beads, beaded brooches or sequins.
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